The bikers guide to wheel truing

Wheel truing is really something that's so easy to do. Even if you have no familiarity with mountain biking or truing a wheel, it does not take a genius to do it. The very first thing to do is ensure that none of your spokes are loose. To test, grab each spoke in turn and try to shake it back and forth. If the spoke wobbles, or makes pinging and grating noises, it's loose. If it is loose, add strain to the spoke by turning the spokey anti-clockwise with your finger and thumb pressure. Keep turning and shaking till the noise is gone and the spoke doesn't wobble or move. Move on to the subsequent spoke till you have gone all of the way around the wheel and checked them all. Now, it is time to see just how correct the wheel essentially is. Turn your cycle the wrong way up then spin the wheel to see where it comes nearest to rubbing on the brake.

You might need to revolve the wheel backwards then forwards to find the middle of the bulge on the wheel. Tighten the spokes which run on to the opposite side of the edge. If those spokes are tight, you must loosen a couple of the spokes which run to the bulge side of the heart.

Truing a wheel is simpler than you might imagine, even though it could be a small tricky with some wheels. If you want to loosen spokes, be extremely careful that you do not break them. They can be tough to loosen on older mountain bicycles.