Mountain biking is a stirring and exciting sport and downhill mountain biking is one such activity which is very threatening and can be life-threatening. Downhill Biking fans who have experienced this activity are well privy to the risks it involves as well as the joy and high it offers. They also know that safety gears and cares are the best shields while boarding on a downhill mountain biking course. The game of Mountain biking commenced as a normal sport where folks living in geographical locations OK for such races took up this as their entertainment and later as their eagerness. However over time, this sport has generated a big fan following and in spite of of the major challenges and risks that the game poses, bikers aren't prepared to quit.

Today this sport is named as an acute sport and for excusable reasons. Mountain biking gives bikers the adrenaline high that they need and which they experience while doing tricky stunts and races.

Mountain biking a sport like snow skiing - Those that are aware and have experienced the excitement of snow skiing on icy slopes will have a little idea about the thrill of mountain biking. Downhill mountain biking is a popular form of mountain biking activity where the biker rides downhill on his trail bicycle.

On his way down, the biker gets consistently airborne and has to balance himself and the bike while trailing down the coarse trails. However the idea of this high is sufficient to excite the biker to take part in such extraordinary downhill races.

Mountain Biking can be a dangerous sport - People who presume downhill mountain biking to be as straightforward as biking on standard paved roads or riding in cross country biking are utterly ignorant. Downhill biking involves high stress levels and the biker has to consistently keep control using his bikes front and rear suspension while at the same time attempting to balance himself and the bike. Bikes used for downhill mountain biking have robust frames and are therefore heavier with the weights of such bikes from 80 to hundred kilos. Bikers planning to take part in downhill mountain biking have to make themselves mentally and physically prepared to face the problems related to this activity. This is typically because the biker has to start the race from the apex of the hill and his physical energy isn't needed to pedal downhill but to maintain his body and bike's balance on the hard slope. This is physically demanding and its crucial that all safety gears and precautions are taken much ahead.

Bikers who have experienced the thrill and high of downhill mountain biking are always game to take part and care less for the hazards involved. Downhill mountain biking is perilous as the downhill trails are hard, threatening and the bike can jump just about to 40 feet while coming downhill. Troublesome trails excite downhill bikers and nothing can stop their keenness to try such trails, not even the danger of injury or fatal injuries. However such bikers know the significance of using safety gears like helmet, elbow and knee pads, body suits and so on.

Since these can guarantee atleast some quantity of safety against deadly falls.