First time Mountain Biking

Even if there are no mountains where you reside, it can seem sensible to get a mountain bicycle, just due to the security they supply, even in built up areas.

And there's always the likelihood of a weekend ride in the country. If you are a cycle fan, but have only attempted cycling on the road, it's time you gave mountain biking a try. By mountain biking, I mean more than heading down a real mountain - though that what most folks think about when they hear the phrase "Mountain biking." mountain bicycles - light bikes with fat tires and front suspension - make it simple to go cross country riding also. So even if you live in an area which has no mountains - get an off-road bike anyway! Those fat tires make for a pleasant ride - and so long as they are properly inflated they can go virtually as quickly as the thinner tires of road bikes, but you do not want to fret about going up curbs or down curbs.

There are 3 styles of mountain biking - the one everybody thinks being downhill riding, free riding, and cross country. If you are a pro bicyclist or a dedicated beginner you'll be wanting to get a bike particularly designed for each style, but if you're an informal bike rider who'll wish to try one style one weekend and a different style the following, any good off-road bike will do.

The general public will purchase a brand spanking new tool whenever they take up a new pastime. This is a mistake. Inspect yourself. Have you done this during the past - selected a past-time, purchased all of the appliances, used it once - then stored it in your garage and never used it again? So, if at all possible, hire a bike first - indeed, by doing so you can be ready to try out a few bikes and decide on which one you would like to buy. Ensure that the people leasing you the bikes have taken correct care of them, naturally, and that they are not just "beaters."

Are you a beginner? - If there's any mountain biking in your area, probabilities are there'll be a club or 2, that may deal with amateurs. The smartest thing to do is search out your local bike shop. Any one there can tell you what goes on in your area. Additionally, most bike shops will have racks featuring the leaflets of local clubs, and bike maps of the local trails, for free.

Practice is the key - if you are not in shape - you can get in shape with mountain biking. If you are making a concentrated effort to do so. Set yourself goals of miles to ride every day. If you do not have the resources to ride an hour or so each day but if you have got a steep hill near your house, you can always spend 10 mins or so doing wind runs up and down that hill. This could boost your staying power and brace your leg muscles no end. ( ensure you check with your physician to make certain you don't have any health issues that would restrict powerful exercise. ) do not get on a bike and then find the hardest trail and thru yourself down it. Begin with beginning trails and work on your talents for a bit.

Staying safe, Riders fall - Face it - it will occur. So the most crucial piece of hardware you have, after a good bike - is a good helmet. Never get a used helmet - you do not know what's occurred to it. Also of use to the mountain biker are goggles or other eye protection, elbow and knee pads, and good shoes. Always carry one or two dollars and some change in a pocket so you can call for help if need be, and ensure you have identification on you at any time. ( That last bit of advice is good for any type of biking, or jogging, come to that ) Always be prepared for the worst to occur, and then it probably will not.