There are several differing kinds of bicycles available on the market today, the comfort cycle, which is utilized by many recreational bicyclists, a trail bike or light duty mountain bicycle, crusier bikes, recumbent bikes and heavy duty off-road bikes. Whatever kind of bike, or biking interests you biking is a good way to increased staying power, improved cardio strength and all around better fitness. Recumbent bikes became extremely popular for the middle aged and older riders. On a recumbent bike you have a particularly comfy seat that you can lean back in, like sitting in your favourite reclining chair. Your butt is awfully nicely cushioned.

Your feet are out in front of you, like when you are driving your auto. Recumbent bikes are the quickest sort of bike.

One reason is that with your legs extended forward and pedaling in front of you, you're able to move much more weight with far less effort than on a traditional bike where your legs are beneath of you.

Beginning recumbent riders will tell you it requires a while to develop what are called "recumbent muscles" but when you do you may never return to a standard bike. Mountain biking is a well-liked activity that's enjoyed by a wide age range of folks. Heavy duty trail bicycles can be reasonably expensive, so it could be best to go to chat to a mountain biking organization about bike rental. You will only decide you want a light duty off-road bike which would also be good for regular riding. Not all mountain biking trails are killers and for pros only - they were forced to start somewhere too!

Mountain biking trails are rated rather like ski trails, the best is green, an intermediate is blue and troublesome trails are pink. Go slowly, mountain biking can be tough on the joints, and you must learn the way to handle the bike to reduce chance of injury. Whichever kind of cycle you choose, just do it! Biking is a way to realize an aerobic work out and burn energy at the same time. The better part is that any one can ride a bike and it is a great family recreation to be enjoyed together.