Mountain biking is great fun but it's also physically demanding, and if you take a tumble you'll be wanting to know you are shielded from injury as much as practicable. That is the reason why mountain bicycle clothing is designed specifically to meet the demands of this sport.

If you are a newb or simply an occasional mountain biker then 2 snug tracksuit bottoms, a long sleeved t-shirt and the compulsory helmet will do. You may also wish to put some gloves on to guard your hands. If you are a regular mountain biker it may be suitable to invest in some correct cycling gear. Comfort, protection and robust breathable fabrics are the watch words to keep an eye open for.

These are maybe the most familiar pieces of off-road bike clothing for the majority. When you're purchasing this type of trail bicycle clothing you will find that they are often made of microfleece or fast dry fabrics. Cycle shorts are generally double layered round the seat area for comfort. You will be satisfied of this feature during those rough cross country mountain bike rides.

These can frequently be an overlooked area of mountain bicycle clothing, but they're necessary to help avoid blisters and shield your hands in the event of a fall.You'll regularly find the backs of the finest cycling gloves are aerated for comfort, while the palms will be double layered leather for better protection. There's nothing like splashing thru muddy puddles in a downhill run on your trail bike, but you may like it more if your mountain bicycle clothing keeps at least some of the elements off you.

You may think the standard set of waterproofs would be fine for cycling, but you will be more comfy wearing trail bicycle clothing that's express for the job. Cycling waterproofs will be much lighter and more breathable than standard ones, and will still make allowance for complete liberty of movement. The best water resistant trail bicycle clothing folds and rolls down into a little light bag that may be put away away in a backpack in case it's required. You will need to travel light when you are mountain biking, and correct trail bicycle clothing makes life a lot easier in this respect.

Ultimately , if you're certain to be out biking along mud roads in the evening, you may want to take a position in some reflective gear too. Ensuring you will be seen is a vital part of all good mountain bicycle clothing.