Mountain biking is a fun sport that may be enjoyed by anyone that knows the way to ride a bike.

Compared to the average bike ride, it does present some danger. , you need to master these basic abilities before you hit the trails or the dust. You can practice these beginning abilities at a local park, faculty, bike trail, or just around your home. If you can, try to discover a location with a steep hill. Get an understanding of your pedals Practice moving your foot away from the pedal, first while sitting on your bicycle with one foot on the ground. Next, move on to releasing and replacing your foot while pedaling around for a bit. Those with toe clip and clipless type foot pedals will need to spend a little more time practicing. Sit and spin for position Simply sit on your bicycle and pedal around. You must keep your arms a touch bent. You must also adjust your seat height so your leg is seventy to ninety % extended at the base of every stroke on the pedal.

Keep your body relaxed, as there will never be a situation where you need to have either your knees or your elbows locked. Shifting gears Get an understanding of shifting gears with your cycle. The higher gears are harder to pedal and will go quicker while the lower gears are less difficult to pedal and will help you rise hills.

As you get to steeper hills, its best to shift before you get to the hill rather than while your on it. Coasting you need to spend a little bit of time coasting while standing on your pedals, without basically sitting on the seat. Keep your arms bent but do not lock your knees. Now, try messing with shifting your body towards the rear end of the bike. Pedal while standing you need to get as cosy as you can with pedaling while standing on your bicycle. Try lifting yourself off the seat while standing on the pedals, then crank them around. You need to try this in higher gears on flat ground then again in lower gears while on a hill.

Dropping down a curb - try to find a curb where you can simply get to the higher portion of it. Practice at a moderate speed, standing and coasting right off the curb from the higher level to the lower level. Try this at different speeds till it becomes 2nd nature. When you practice these systems and get into the swing of them, you will be able to hit the trails feeling cosy on your mountain bicycle. Although it may take some becoming familiar with, it will become 2nd nature before you know it.