One of the best appeals of mountain biking is that it's a unisex sport. Mountain biking doesn't discriminate on the principle of gender.

Neither does it eliminate participators due to their ages or ethnicities ; in its early years it was principally the domain of boys and men, but now girls and girl mountain bikers are joining the fun in record numbers. Girls mountain biking has started to attain precedence in the game, thanks to the groups of girls mountain bikers fielded by many US colleges.

Highschool mountain biking programs permit female scholars to master the methodologies critical to achieve success in girls mountain biking competitions, and most of them are the equal of the male bikers in their colleges.

NorCal - The NorCal highschool Mountain Bike League, set up in 2001, opened up the arena of girls mountain biking to Elena Spittler, who was the league's girls mountain biking champ in 2005. She joined the Berkeley highschool Mountain Biking Team as its single female member, simply to prove that girls could succeed in the game. She strove to stay abreast of the boys during her first year on the team, but when she used to be a senior, Elena was trouncing some of her younger male teammates.

2 years after she struck a blow for girls mountain biking at her school, there are now 7 girls on the team, and the total number of participators in girls mountain biking for the whole NorCal school off-road bike League has doubled. The league now has a summer girls mountain biking camp and plans to host a girls mountain biking mini-camp in the 1st part of the highschool racing season to help the girls competing improver their methodologies and build their confidence. The league has made a pledge to these girl-specific activities, and is also coaching its team coaches in systems of inducting and working with girls mountain biking applicants. These girls mountain biking hospitals and camps cover a spread of topics. The girls are needed to maneuver their bikes over natural difficulties and down steep descents, learning the balance, dexterity, and bike control required for competing in cross country, endurance, and short course racing events. Also they are schooled in bike upkeep and repair .

Girls Mountain Biking Hospitals - The clinics stress the significance of protecting mountain biking trails, finding team support, training the general public in the positive advantages of girls mountain biking, and improving one's biking abilities. They inspire their scholars to develop self-reliance and challenge them in the same way that their male opposite numbers are challenged. Thanks to the attempts of groups like the NorCal school off-road bike League, both girls and girls mountain biking have caught up with the boys!