How to correctly set your tyre pressure

Riding your trail bike with the suitable quantity of tyre pressure can make a big difference in how much control you have over your bicycle.

Setting your tyre pressure too high will make for poor contact with the ground and also make your cycle less controllable. Setting your tyre pressure too low will make your tyres unpredictable and also make them subject to pinch studios. The suitable quantity of tyre pressure in an off-road bike will change between rider to rider and tyre setup to tyre setup.

The conditions of your trail and the sort of terrain your riding will also significantly impact what tyre pressure you should be using in your tyres. The trick here is to discover precisely what mountain bicycle tyre pressure works for you and your setup during normal conditions. After doing this, you can learn how to adjust your pressure for different trails and sorts of terrain as required. You need to start by finding a trustworthy pressure gauge or a pump with a pressure gauge. Then, use this same gauge or pump whenever you are making adjustments. A gauge can be extraordinarily unsound, so if you switch around it you can make things much tougher. You need to begin with a higher pressure of about forty - fifty psi. If you've a tubeless system, you need to start lower, thirty - forty psi. The more that you weigh, the higher pressure you must commence with. Try this pressure for a bit and get an understanding of the way in which the tyres take corners and loose dust.

Drop the pressure by 5 psi in each tyre and get an understanding of how this new setup rides and how it compares to your prior setting. You must notice some improvement in stability, and if you do not, drop the pressure by another five psi. You would like to find the lowest pressure you can ride with without losing pinch flat resistance. A pinch flat happens when your tyre rolls over an object then compresses to the point at which the tyre and the tube get pinched between the object and the edge on the wheel. With tubeless tyre systems, you can run significantly lower air pressure, as you do not have to stress about getting pinch studios.

If you begin to dent your edges, belch air out along the bead, or feel the tyre roll under the edge during hard cornering, you have taken the pressure much too low. Once you have found a cushty setting for your tyre pressure, discover what your tyre feels like when you squeeze it with your hands. After you know what your tyres feel a bit like you can always get the right air pressure - with any pump.