Hectic and busy fifestyles led San Franciscans away from their country and into the Marin County which marked the origin of the game of Mountain Biking. What started as a mere sport changed into a fervour as the game made a gap in history and even bikes were changed to match the sport. Mountain Biking used to be the keenness of a selected few till it became universally accepted as a competitive and pleasurable sport. The reason behind this change was due to 3 factors. These elements were the people who made use of the extraordinary sport of Mountain Biking to satisfy their eagerness, the location or geographic aspects and the development of the off-road bike.

Factor No.1 - the people The late 1960s marks the start of the history of Mountain Biking when San Franciscans becoming bored with their highly busy and delirious lifestyles moved away from San Francisco and into the Marin County.

Life in the Marin County was less busy and urban so bringing the much asked for peace the San Franciscans were trying to find. The Marin Countys were known for their mountainous terrain and San Franciscans who adored biking developed a taste for competitive bike races.

At first it started as a three mile fire trail bike race in the city of Fairfax. The race included a downward slope extending over 1600 feet. This race continuously changed into a craze with bikers who wished to break past records and therefore strenuously took part in the competition. The race grew enormously well-liked due to its competitive and entertaining nature. However racers couldn't go along with the Insurance needs and since the contest was highly dangerous and threatening the result was the cancellation of these races.

Factor No.2 - Location or Geography Termination of these races didn't affect its recognition, so much so the biker community endeavored to create the birthplace of latter-day mountain biking.

Mount Tamalpais in California won this respect. At first , the sole races held on Mount Tam would involve bicyclists racing down the mount and once down they might get their bicycles transported by many techniques to the apex of the Mount. Over time, the races became more competitive and acute and bicyclists not only raced downhill on their bikes but also cycled back to the pinnacle of the mountain.

Factor No.3 - The Gear The evolution of the cycles started at Mount Tam where they got their present-day appearance as well as the inclusion of the balloon tires. Safety appeared as the top concern and as a consequence the normal bike was altered keeping this aspect in mind. Therefore the evolution of the trail bicycle also made a place for itself in the history of Mountain Biking.